Arizona State University, W. P. Carey School of Business, Master of Healthcare Innovation


Innovating in the Health Sector 

A focus on the development and design of innovative products and process solutions across the variety of organizations that contribute to care and the improved health of populations including points of patient service, suppliers (devices, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals), purchasing and distribution organizations, and IT and innovator companies.  The course enables students to identify the alignment between an entrepreneurial health care venture and the forces that shape this sector including financing, structure, public policy, consumers, technology, and accountability and to create a business model that responds appropriately.


Medical Care Organization

This course scrutinizes the health sector and the business of healthcare. In the US, where it accounts for approximately 16% of the GDP, health care employs over 11.5 million individuals and consumes products from virtually every sector in the US economy. Through politically generated reform as well as “self-adjustments,” the health sector is going through enormous change in the United States and globally. Consideration is given to management roles, human resources, payors and the value chain of companies supporting the industry (e.g., pharmaceutical and biotechnology, medical device and information technology). Students will gain an understanding the multiple markets associated with the sector as well as the concepts, structures, policies, and values influencing health care systems innovation patterns and prospects for sustainability.


Project Honeybee.

The course is uniquely focused on design and innovation - and will be taught in an engineering innovation laboratory.

Faculty include Lee Hartwell (Nobel Laureate and Director of the Biodesign Institute; Eugene Schneller, W. P. Carey School of Business; Jeffrey LaBelle, Engineering and Nursing.

Team focused with teams from each of the above entities - approximately 20 students for the first offering in 2015.