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Innovating in Healthcare (EdX)

Improve critical thinking about healthcare entrepreneurship by reading, discussing and analyzing case studies and writing a business plan. Learn more and register here.

Identifying the Health Care Venture (MMCi)

Do you also want to know how to attach managerial responsibility to the financial results? To learn more about how accrual accounting works its magic? This package contains all the materials in Identify the Health Care Venture package one plus two additional videos –“ Who did What?” and, as Regi punningly calls it ,”A Cruel Accounting". Learn more and register here.

Duke University Master of Management

Clinical Informatics Strategy (MMCi)

Clinical Informatics Strategy is a required MMCi course that challenges students to consider innovative solutions for addressing health care challenges – especially those that would reduce costs and improve the quality of care.

Data, Information and Knowledge Representation. 

Informatics is revolutionizing health care by helping improve operating efficiency, clinical quality, and financial effectiveness. In this course, we evaluate strategic IT investments in healthcare with the goal of increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving outcomes through the targeted application of health analytics. We will analyze and discuss case studies that illustrate the use of health analytics in support of patient safety, clinical efficacy, and fiscal responsibility. We will illustrate the data standards and modeling conventions used in medical informatics, and how they relate to health analytics.   Course objectives include: (i.) Understand the value of analyzing population level health data, information driven comparative effectiveness research, and health analytics (ii.) Understand the value of health information technology to improve the safety, efficiency and quality of care delivery (iii.)Understand the value of business intelligence tools, aggregate data modeling, and data visualization in understanding complex healthcare data.

Health IT Business Solutions
Healthcare is highly regulated and associated with special needs and risks not present in other sectors. The health information system industry echoes this specialization. This course provides an overview of principles and concepts of information technology with a focus on healthcare systems used in the healthcare setting and the industry seeking to serve these uses. You will identify the critical needs of the current health information systems including vendor and healthcare organization perspectives. The course includes an examination of electronic health records, current and emerging use of clinical information systems and applications in clinical health information systems, technologies that support health care information systems, and system design, implementation, maintenance and overview and their impact on organizational resources and efficiency.