University of Oxford, Green Templeton College Management in Medicine (MiM) Programme

The GTC Management in Medicine (MiM) Programme has been established to encourage trainee doctors to consider leadership roles in their careers and to help them develop their management and leadership skills.

While most doctors want to practice medicine rather than become full-time managers, in present day healthcare systems most will become involved in some aspect of management and leadership in addition to their clinical work.

 There is intense interest, both in the NHS and the private sector, in doctors becoming involved in healthcare leadership, with a recognition that their involvement is crucial in helping to improve and transform healthcare services, and a growing body of published evidence showing that the quality of healthcare delivery improves when clinicians are involved in leadership and management.

With its expertise in the disciplines of medicine and healthcare, as well as leadership and management, Green Templeton College is well-placed to explore new areas of interest and contribute to the debate.