Interviews with 58  leading global health care sector CEOs about their future needs, revealed the word most used was innovation. The CEOs wanted people who can investigate problems, find solutions through process and organizational innovation, and drive them forward—people who could work in a diverse team, understand failure and its causes, and manage innovation.


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The market research consultancy Scriplogix to interviewed 58 of the CEOs of organizations in all sub-segments of health care across the globe. The selected executives represented all the sectors with a major health care stake, including biotech, delivery, diagnostics, health information technology (IT), insurance, medical devices, governments, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or foundations; innovative firms and/or were large employers of the graduates of these programs; provided a global perspective. The complete list of firms can be found below.

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Content analysis at 26 Top U.S. Schools

An analysis of health care administration curricula at 26 top U.S. schools, spanning 324 courses, found the words "innovation" and "entrepreneur" only 27 times.  

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Pedagogical approaches

We used a multi-round Delphi technique and an online quantitative and qualitative questionnaire to survey 240 academics, CEOs, founders/innovators, and heads of health initiatives about the necessary competencies for innovative future health care leaders and pedagogical approaches. (The questionnaire can be found here.

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Examples of Case Studies from Harvard Business School that Fulfill Innovating in Health Care Competencies

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Creation of the Copenhagen Business School Master’s of Health Care Innovation Program

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Accreditation standards

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